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Yandex.Market is a Russian free online service for selecting goods and making purchases. The service was launched on November 30, 2000 by Yandex. It has been a separate company since 2016.

The service has a daily audience of over 4 million users and a monthly audience of 20 million.

Development and coverage

On November 30, 2000, Yandex.Market was launched under the name "Yandex.Products" (literally "Yandex.Products") by Yandex employees Dmitry Zavalishin, Evgenia Zavalishina and Ilya Polozhintsev. Prior to that, on October 16, 2000, the Yandex.Guru online consulting service was launched, which helped the user choose a product using leading questions. In 2002, Yandex.Products, Yandex.Guru and the online service Podberi.ru were merged into Yandex.Market.

In June 2013, Yandex.Market opened a website section with a list of recommended online stores. A store can receive the "recommended" status after signing an agreement with Yandex.Market. In 2015, Yandex.Market launched the Yandex.Delivery delivery service.

In 2016, Yandex.Market became a separate company.

In 2018, Yandex.Market and Sberbank launched a joint Internet platform "I take ". In 2020, it was closed and included in Yandex.Market.

In 2020, Yandex.Market rebranded the Beru trading platform and became a completely independent online platform itself.


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